Professional dancer; Model;

One of the leading jazz funk choreographers in Russia;

Included in the TOP 50 list of Russian best dancers according to the national famous TV Show «ТАНЦЫ» vol.2;

Leading dancer of the Moscow State Circus (tours to UAE, Bulgaria, Latvia, Estonia, Finland, Turkey, Hungary);

Chief Choreographer of the ESTRADA Club ballet show (Saint-Petersburg);

Choreographer of «Let’s get married», «Nordic dance school», «Hellovova Army», «Super Suka» dance teams;

Judge of several Russian national dance competitions like «Fame Your Choreo», «Show Me Your Show», «Hottie heels» (Krasnodar), «Black cat», «Total skills» (Ryazan), «DANCELIFE 2016» (Saint-Petersburg)

Workshops: Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Ryazan, Orel, Krasnodar, Sochi, Chelyabinsk, Rostov, Astrakhan, Odintsovo, Crimea, Minsk and others