Enjoy a return on your dance classes with our CDC Dollars! With every dollar you spend, you will be collecting points that you can use towards any dance class or product. This is a free service and does not require sign up. You will automatically start collecting points when you sign up for your first class. Just one more way you can dance more and save more. 

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Tell A Friend

Tell a friend about how much you love your dance classes and get an instant $10 in rewards when they sign up for a class. Points are redeemable at $20 so that's just two friends before you can start dancing for free. 

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Book Classes Online

Booking classes online will not only save you time and help you skip the line, you can get extra rewards dollars with just the touch of a few buttons. Receive $0.75 for each online sign up;10 classes later and you're up to $7.50. 

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Buy Anything

You'll receive one point for every dollar you spend; each point is valued at $0.03. Points can be used towards any class, event, dance merch, drinks, and more (unless specified). 

Here are some examples of how you can collect points:

  • Sign up for a beginner course: Get $5.25 of rewards points

  • Buy a 10 Class Pass: Get $4.50 of rewards points

  • Have a monthly Latin membership: Get $4.80 of rewards points each month your membership renews

The fine print:

  • points are not transferable

  • points can only be used towards non discounted items

  • you must earn $20 worth of rewards points before redeeming